Whether you are a Home Buyer, Home Seller, Property Investor, Property Developer or a Bank/Financial Institution, Egan Valuers provide accurate valuations which enable you to make an informed decision about your future.

As Real Estate Valuers we take into account the location of your property, its access to public transport, proximity to schools and other educational centres, shopping centres/complexes, recreational facilities, and health facilities.  With a state-of-the-art sales and mapping database together with an integrated iPad and Bluetooth house sketching program, Egan Valuers can deliver efficient and professional residential valuation services from any location.

We specialise in mortgages, pre-purchase, family settlement, transfer duty, building insurance together with residential feasibility study and residential analysis. Egan Valuers uses Feastudy for residential developments and englobo property, enabling accurate sensitivity analysis, IRR and profit and risk analysis, incorporating full GST function.

Additionally, residential valuations for the lessee, lessor, retrospective valuations, compulsory acquisition and forensic accounting purposes can be prepared.

Additional services include bulk residential valuations for clients such as Defence Housing Authority and Housing NSW.