About US

Egan Valuers is an independent property valuation and consultancy firm. Christopher Egan has extensive experience in all forms of property valuation and consultancy in various country and city locations of New South Wales. 

Based in the large regional city of Wagga Wagga, Egan Valuers undertakes valuation and property consultancy work throughout the Riverina and southern regions of New South Wales.

Egan Valuers specialises in all aspects of rural, industrial, commercial, retail and residential property as well as other special commercial properties such as hotels, motels, and grain handling facilities.

The firm is independent of any real estate agency or organisation therefore, employees of Egan Valuers has no pecuniary interest in any property being valued.  Due to the firm’s independence, clients can be assured that all advice is provided on a strictly confidential basis and that no conflict of interest will occur.

The Director of Egan Valuers has dual qualifications in Property Valuation and Farm Management together with practical experience in the valuation industry spanning more than three decades.  All valuation and property consultancy work is prepared to the highest professional standard by staff who have total integrity.  The firm’s valuation reports are designed to inform the client of all relevant aspects of the property being valued. Attention to detail and awareness of client needs are paramount at Egan Valuers and therefore, if required, valuation reports can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.

Maintaining an up-to-date comprehensive sales and leasing database is an integral activity within Egan Valuers.  This ensures that all necessary information is available to provide accurate valuation and property consultancy advice to all clients.

In addition to being a Registered Valuer and Fellow Member of the Australian Property Institute (API), Christopher Egan is also the Past President of the API.  All valuations are carried out in accordance with the Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct as imposed by the API.  Further, the API through the Australian Valuation and Property Standards Board (AV & PSB) release practice standards and guidance notes to ensure that property related concepts and principles are consistent with the requirements of the Corporations Law, Australian Accounting Standards, Statements of Accounting Concepts and, where applicable, circulars from the Insurance and Superannuation Commission.  It is also intended that all standards are to be consistent with the concepts and definitions contained in the International Valuation Standards, except where Australian law and practice requires otherwise.

The API has an essential Continuing Professional Development program ensuring all members maintain a high standard of professionalism.  Continuing Professional Development at Egan Valuers ensures that the staff continue to keep abreast of the knowledge and skills required to successfully compete in an increasingly dynamic and challenging environment. 

Egan Valuers takes great pride in their professionalism, commitment to complete valuations within negotiated timeframes, and their ability to satisfy all client requirements.

Egan Valuers is a member of Network Property Group Pty Ltd, a professional Valuers group.  The network comprises 20 property consultancy and valuation practices across regional New South Wales and Victoria. It has a well-developed system of information collection, storage and dissemination among its member firms, and provides a group Quality Assurance program.

The Network Property Group meets bi-annually to conduct conferences which improve professional standards, broaden real estate knowledge and develop effective business solutions.