Valuation Purpose

Mortgage valuations are carried out for all classes of property.  The Australian Property Institute dictates that any member preparing a valuation report for mortgage purposes must do so pursuant to Practice Standard Number 12 – Mortgage Security Report.  This practice standard outlines the requirements for mortgage valuations and Egan Valuers adheres to these standards.

Valuers at Egan Valuers are particularly alert to special issues that may impact adversely on the value and/or marketability of the subject property, for example, contamination, salinity, and Native Title Claims.

Insurance valuations can be prepared for all types of property.  Insurance valuations include replacement cost of the subject building on a ‘replacement cost new’ basis, allowances for demolition and removal of debris, professional and consultants’ fees, and future escalation in building costs. If required by the client, loss of rent during the rebuilding period can be included within the valuation. 

Insurance valuations are also provided for Strata Title buildings in accordance with the Provisions of Section 82 (6) of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996.

Egan Valuers prepares valuations for clients wishing to sell property as well as for clients wishing to acquire property.

Egan Valuers provides advice to the acquiring body or landowner in accordance with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

These valuations are prepared for landholders who wish to object to the Valuer General’s land value assessments. Additionally Egan Valuers prepares objection valuations on behalf of the Valuer General and prepares parallel valuations.

Mass Appraisals are carried out for bodies controlling large numbers of properties, for example, Defence Housing Authority and Department of Housing.

Valuations are carried out for specific statutory requirements including Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax Assessment.